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Monster Energy’s Nyjah Huston Takes First Place at SLS Nike SB World Tour Munich

Monster Energy’s Nyjah Huston emerged at the top of an elite field of street skaters in front of a capacity crowd and thousands of viewers tuned in via live stream on ETN at the Street League Skateboarding Nike SB World Tour Munich at the Olympic Park stadium in Munich, Germany.

(PRWeb June 25, 2017)

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Guatemala: Officials and police charged over girls shelter blaze

Forty-one teenage girls were killed in a fire at the government-run shelter in March.

Trump accuses Obama of inaction over Russia meddling claim

The president says his predecessor “did nothing” despite knowing of meddling claims before the poll.

UK to keep trade deals for poor countries

The government commits to maintaining duty-free imports for 48 developing countries.

Canada to apologise for ‘LGBT purge’ in government

During the Cold War, hundreds of gay men and lesbians in Canada lost government and military jobs because of their sexual orientation. They are about to get an apology.

The Hollywood stars who quit acting

As Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis announces he is retiring, here are some other stars who quit being an actor.

China’s lesbian mothers face legal hurdles

A growing number of gay Chinese couples are going abroad to have babies, but face legal hurdles back home.

‘Cuba Libro’: The Communist island’s only English bookshop

Cuba’s only English-language bookshop is flourishing. Our correspondent, Will Grant, popped in.

Yemen’s spiralling cholera crisis

Yemen cholera epidemic: ‘I have never seen such suffering’ - News & Blogger © 2014

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